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40th Anniversay Celebrations

As 2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of our club, we arranged a fun afternoon of shooting with a BBQ for current and past members to come along and celebrate this milestone in the clubs history.

The weather wasn't particularly kind but that did not put any dampers onto the celebrations and event went off a treat, with plenty of good BBQ food and many of us braving the showers to have a shoot.  Here are some photographs giving a feeling of the occasion.

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Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0001.jpg

Helen and Andrew test out the Have-a-Go equipment in a light shower at the start of the activities.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0002.jpg

Under one of the gazebos put up for the day, the equipment is kept dry and preparations are under way for the next group to shoot on the Have-a-Go range.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0003.jpg

At the far end of the field, club members start shooting on the longer range, set up so full members could still bring their own equipment and enjoy an afternoon's shoot.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0004.jpg

The social club allowed us to use their event room for the afternoon, where we enjoyed the lovelt BBQ food they prepared on the new gass BBQ they had recently purchased to cater for events such as our anniversary do.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0005.jpg

Back outside Andrew and Becky enjoy another go on the Have-a-Go range.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0006.jpg

As one of the club's founding members, we were honored that John made the first cut of the celebration cake arranged especially for the event. I think his face shows how proud he was to see the club still doing so well forty years after he started it up in 1975.  And we are proud to still have John as an active member of the club today.

Here's looking forward to seeing him cutting the fiftieth anniversary cake in 2025.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0007.jpg

A picture of that anniversary cake.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0008.jpg

Andrew takes a break from working behind the counter at the social club to brave a shower and have a try and the Have-a-Go, with guidence from Helen.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0009.jpg

We invited past memebrs to join in the celebrations and Graham was back shooting in the club for the first time in over ten years. Karen on hand to advise as he was using a bow that was new to him, but it wasn't long before he got his eye back in and the arrows were soon finding the golds again.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0010.jpg

Left to right:  Graham, Richard and Ken shooting during a light shower on the club range.

The weather leaving Ken's hair ready for trick-or-treat night!

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0011.jpg

Commemorative Badge

We had several badges made to commemorate the 40th Anniversary. These are metal backed badges with the club's logo and 1975-2015 dates under a plastic cover.  There is a safety catch on the back.  The badge is approximately 27mm in diameter.

We still have some badges available for club members (or anyone) to purchase if they would like a small memento of the occasions at a cost of £1.50 each.  Contact the club if you are interested.

Bowmen of Leeds archery club photograph gal17p0012.jpg

Commemorative Slate Coaster

We commission a limited run of slate coasters for anyone wanting a unique memento of the club's 40th Anniversary. Each coaster is approximately 10cm square and made from natural slate, so every one is slightly different and unique.  The club's logo with topped with 1975 - 2015 has been laser etched onto the slate to give a distinctive design and a wonderful keepsake marking this special occasion in the history of the club. There are four rubber feet on the reverse to ensure your furniture is not scratched by the slate.

This is a limited run and if anyone would like any of the remaining coasters at £2.50 each, please contact the club.

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