Bowmen Of Leeds


New Outside Membership

We are expanding the club membership to include a new Outside Membership scheme. Due to limited space in the hall we use, we have to restrict the number of people in the normal club membership. So we have decided to open up a new membership scheme for people who are happy to only shoot outside at our Gt. Preston venue.

Several club members already shoot on Sunday afternoons throughout the year whenever weather permits. This new membership will allow more people to shoot with the club, because we have more space available at this venue. Because you won't normally be able to shoot at out indoor range under this scheme, the membership fees are reduced. Should a full membership position become available, priority will be given to people already on the Outside Membership scheme for them to upgrade to full membership.

People who already have their GNAS card can join the scheme immediately. Contact the Club Secretary if you would like to join. Plus we are now running our Beginners' Course for people with little or no archery experience to be taught at the Gt. Preston site, usually over four Sundays. Anyone completing this course will be invited to join this new Outside Membership of our club, if they wish to. See the Outside Beginner's Course for more information and dates for the next course, when it is announced.

Added by: Ken McNaught
Date Added: Sat 11th Apr 2015