Bowmen Of Leeds

Bowmen Of Leeds

Welcome to the Bowmen Of Leeds Archery Club web site. The club was started in 1974 (first registered 1975) and has provided a venue for archers of the local area to participate in the sport since that time. One of the founding members, John McCulloch, is still in the club to this day, holding the position of Club President. Our About Us pages have more information on the club and its facilities.

We are a small, but very friendly, archery club based in Garforth to the east of Leeds, easily accessible from Junction 46 and 47 of the M1 motorway and the A63. See our Location page for detailed directions.


The clubs main aims are to provide a safe and enjoyable place for archers in and around the Leeds area to:

The Club

The Bowmen Of Leeds archery club uses a hall for our indoor shooting where we can set up an 18M or 20 yard range of 8 to 10 faces. We shoot almost every Friday evening throughout the year except on the few occasions when the hall is not available to us. We shoot various forms of Target Archery, and we have members that shoot in the long-bow, recurve and compound styles. We also have access to a local cricket club at Gt. Preston for outdoor shooting where we are Archery GB approved to shoot up to distances of 60 yards. More information on the clubs facilities, how to join, visitor shooting, clubs fees and more can be found on our About Us pages. Not having larger facilities, we don't normally host competitions ourselves, but we do invite members to participate in other competitions, representing the club.

We have both Full Memberships and Outside Memberships. Due to restrictions in the size of the hall, Full Membership is severely limited, and this membership is often full. But we also run an Outdoor Membership scheme based at the Gt. Preston venue, where we have more space and can accommodate further members who are prepared to only shoot outside with the club. If a normal membership becomes available, priority is given to members of the Outdoor Membership who shoot regularly to be able to upgrade their membership.

The club also runs a Junior Club, that typically shoot at an early session on Friday evenings before the main club session. We are proud to be able to say our junior membership boasts two previous Junior National Flight Champions and a previous Archery GB Regional Performance Academy Programme student. So our younger members are doing the club very proud.

This Web Site

This site contains information about the Bowmen Of Leeds archery club which will be of particular interest to its members and people interested in joining the club (such as location, fees, joining instructions, etc.).

There are also many pages of general archery information that may be of interest to anyone interested in archery. However this is mainly be aimed at absolute beginners or people new to the sport/hobby. It is also biased to the information most useful to the club and we only shoot Target Archery within the club, so there is limited information of field, flight, clout or 3D archery for example, as we do not currently participate in these aspects of the sport within the club. But we do have members that enjoy attending various events of the different styles of archery.

Just about all the information here has been written up by Ken, the WebMaster and current Chairman, who took up archery seriously in January 2011 when I started with the club as a beginner myself. The information comes from my own experiences gained through the beginner's course, my own research and from my pestering of the more experienced members of the club, for who I offer many thanks for their help, assistance and patients with me! It therefore goes without saying, that the archery information within these pages is not necessarily complete or the definitive answer to any question. However I have tried to make the information accurate to the best of my own knowledge, but accept that I am no expert. So use the information only as a guide, and you might be advised to look at more professional sites (e.g. GNAS/Archery GB or FITA) if you want to be absolutely sure of accurate and up to date information.

If you do find anything that needs correcting or you are a member of the club and want to ask for something relevant to be included which is currently missing, then feel free to contact the WebMaster who will consider your request.