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Toxophilite (tok-sof-uh-lyt)

Noun: Someone who is very fond of, addicted to, or an expert at, archery.
Adj: Of, or relating to, archery.
N: Toxophily

The term was originally coined by Roger Ascham (1515-1568), a scholar and writer, as a proper name, taken from the Greek words toxon (bow) and philos (loving). He used the term in the title of his book Toxophilus published in 1545, probably the first reference material to use the name.


But archery has been around for thousands of years prior to Roger Ascham. There are many prehistoric cave paintings showing early man clearly using bows and arrows in their hunting. Throughout the years, archery was the main and most deadly form of all weapons, until quite recent times when rifles finally became the more potent weapon.

However the sport of archery has remained extremely popular as both a hobby and a sport, and to this day has thousands of people all around the world who actively enjoy the sport. These archery pages give more information on the history of archery and more details on the many aspects of modern day archery as a sport and hobby, including some insights to many of the various pieces of equipment used in the sport.

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