Bowmen Of Leeds

About Us

The "About Us" pages contain various types of information about the club, that might be useful to members and prospective members of the club.

Club Officials

This page contains names and position information for official positions in the club. If you would like to contact anyone in the club, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

Executive Positions

President:John McCulloch

Chairman:Dale Norfolk

Secretary:Carol Jinks

Treasurer:Helen Falkingham

Child  Protection Officer:Laura Welch

Non-Executive Positions

Equipment Officer:Gordon Jinks

Membership Secretary:Carol Jinks

Records Officer:Robert Gummerson

Competition Officer:Helen Falkingham

Junior Representatives:Adam Ashworth
 Sam Martin

Beginners' Course
Helen Falkingham

General CommitteKen McNaught
Members:Richard Stead

WebMaster:Ken McNaught

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