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As well as participating in the sport of archery, the club is also keen to teach the skills of archery to everyone from complete beginners through to accomplished archers wishing to improve their techniques.

Formal courses

Currently we have two formal courses we occasionally run.

Beginners' Course

We generally run a Beginner's Course once or twice a year, which is aimed at people with little or no previous experience in archery. Usually consisting of five sessions of 2.5 hours. This course takes you up to novice level, where you are considered safe to shoot and have an understanding of the rules of shooting. On completion you will receive a certificate which will allow you to join any archery club in the UK.

Assuming we have spare capacity, people completing our Beginners' Course will be invited to join the Bowmen Of Leeds club on either our Full Membership scheme or Outside Membership Scheme (or Junior Club if under 18), if they so wish (no pressure to join). Use this link for more detailed information of the content of the Beginner's Course.

Informal courses

Intermediate Course

The club also runs very occasional Intermediate Courses (sometimes called a Boost Course) which could be of interest to anyone who owns their own equipment. This course will take you into more detail of the equipment used, and will help teach you the various techniques of tuning your own bow, making and repairing arrows, strings, etc., with the aim (no pun intended) of increasing the accuracy of your own equipment.

Advice on upgrading and purchasing of archery equipment and maintenance tools (and their use) may also be given if requested.

Whilst the content of the course is still actively being developed by the club, further information can be found on the Intermediate Course link.


Education does not stop at our courses, and ongoing coaching and instruction can be requested at any shooting session. For a relatively small archery club, Bowmen of Leeds has a large number of Archery GB qualified coaches. Several other club members are also skilled at various levels of instruction. So club members have plenty of access to advice at any time they feel ready to try and improve their archery skills, no matter what level they have currently reached. As many experienced archer will tell you, there is always something more you can learn!

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