Bowmen Of Leeds

Beginner's Course

Where possible, the club likes to give members of the public the opportunity to go beyond a "Come and try session" that can be found in many places, and give them a chance to participate in a short course designed with the complete beginner in mind. It is open to anyone form the age of ten upwards[1] and is suitable for anyone with absolutely no, or very little experience in archery. The total course duration is 12 hours shooting spread over several Sundays in January and February (exact dates to be confirmed). Each session also has intervals for education and information that is needed to complete the course. Refreshments are available during the interval.

[1] Note: members as young as eight might be accepted at the club's discretion, but only if a parent/guardian is also on the same course or is already an existing club member. We must also consider their physical stature is adequate for completing the course and that they have the correct attitude for their age to accept and follow instruction. (This can be dangerous sport if instructions are not followed).

Course Objectives

The main aims of the course are to:

All of which is required to complete the course.

On completion of the course you will receive an Archery Safety Shooting Certificate, which should be accepted by any archery club in the U.K. as proof of you meeting the minimum standard of archery, which will allow you to join the club if they have capacity.

So there will be short educational sections each session where background and other relevant information is taught to the whole group. You will need to have received all this information in order to complete the course and receive your certificate at the end (which of course means you must be able to attend all the sessions).

Several members of our club give up their free time to assist throughout the course, so each pupil will receive individual 1-on-1 instruction by a recognised Archery GB coach. We might be a small club, but we are unusual in having many Archery GB qualified coaches (including both level-1 and level-2 coaches) within our membership.

Beginners' Course 2014

These courses are very friendly and progress at your own speed, to the point that extra sessions maybe given to individuals if they feel they need more time to reach the required level.

How to enrol for the next course

Next Course 2022

The next course will run over 5 sessions starting on Sunday 6th March. Each session lasts for two and a half hours including a break. All 5 sessions must be attended to complete your course.

This course is now fully booked.

You will need to attend all 5 sessions to complete the course. Attendance on the first session is always mandatory, due to all the safety information provided and equipment selection for the whole course. But an alternative may be available if you cannot attend one of the remaining sessions. Contact us for details and possible extra costs.

Course Fees

The price for the next Beginners' Course is £50 for an adult and £40 for a junior (17 and under). We like to encourage families to shoot together, so we are offering a £10 discount to every additional immediate family member who takes the course at the same time. For example, the cost for one parent and two children receive a £20.00 discount off the full price.

The price includes use of all the equipment you need during the course, all archery education & handouts and face fees. Refreshments (tea, coffeé, squash and biscuits) are also included on our indoor courses.

After the course

If the club has capacity for new members, pupils that complete the course to a satisfactorily level and have received their Safety Shooting certificate will be offered the opportunity to join the Bowmen Of Leeds club on either our Full Membership scheme if spaces are available or the Outside Membership Scheme (or Junior Club if under 18).

The hall used for the course is our normal indoor shooting facility and as you will see it is limited in space. So we have to apply a limit to the number of Full Memberships we can offer. When a Full Membership becomes available, it is first offered to people already with the club and regularly shooting on the Outdoor Membership scheme.