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The "About Us" pages contain various types of information about the club, that might be useful to members and prospective members of the club.

Rules and Etiquette

Archery is a sport utilising sophisticated modern weapons, and as such has a good system of rules to ensure the safety of everyone including the archers and spectators. The sport is practices by a huge number of people around the world and one of the reasons is because it is a very friendly sport, and to help maintain this friendly and inviting atmosphere, the rules are backed up by rules of etiquette. The official GNAS and FITA web sites have detailed rules available for anyone organising events and need to know and understand all the rules, or also for anyone with a general interest to know more. Below are some basic guidelines which may be helpful for newcomers to the sport.

Shooting Rules

Most rules in archery are primarily for safety reasons. These are backed up with rules for competitions and general shooting rules. The following are a guide only, and you should seek fuller advice from FITA or GNAS for up to date, complete and officially recognised rules to archery.


Archery rules must be obeyed of course, mostly because of the obvious safety issues around the sport. After all, it started out as a form of killing for food and modern equipment is many times more effective at that than those early bows. However there are many other rules on etiquette around the sport, which are mostly designed to show respect to everyone involved and ensure there is an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone so that we can all enjoy the sport we participate in to the fullest. Basic rules on etiquette are as follows:

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